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Carbon Charcoal Filter For Cooker Hoods With Type 150 Filter

Carbon Charcoal Filter For Cooker Hoods With Type 150 Filter

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  • Premium quality Find A Spare charcoal filter
  • To fit the following brands and models:AEG 111 D-W/S/SF 1117 D-W/S 2060D-M 2060D-M/CH 2090D-LG 2600D-A 2600D-A/CH 2600D-A/CH 2600D-A/GB 2600D-A/S 2600D-A/S 330D-g 350D-D 350D-W 385D-D ALNO ADE2090X ARTHUR MARTIN AFG532X AFP636N AFP636N1 AFP636X BAUKNECHT DCFH3760 DCFH3790 DE1360 DE1361 DE2360 DEH2460 DEH2660 DEI3350 DEM3360 DF2360 DIM660/1 DIM760/1 DKE2460 DKE2490 DKE2660 DKE2690 DKEL3660 DKEL3690 DKL3790 DKSM3790 DNHI2560 DNHI2660 DNHI3660 DNI2360 DNI2460 DNI3460 CORBERO EX70B EX88B EX88N ELECTROLUX 5708D-M 5708DM/A 570DM/A 570D-M/GB 570D-M9 DE6260-ML9 DK9660-AD DK9690-AD DK9690-AD9 EFC6404X EFC6412U EFC6412X EFC9404X EFC9408X EFC9412U EFC9412X EFC9496U/S EFG532X EFG533X/CH EFG733X/CH EFP626.3CH EFP632 EFP632X EFP632X/A EFP632X/T EFP636 EFP636/SK EFP636CH EFP636K EFP636X EFP6400G EFP6410X EFP6426/S EFP6426X/S EFP6430 EFP6430W EFP936X/A FAURE CHE200B JUNO JDA5330W JDK4235E JDK4275E JDK4535E JDK4575E JDS3130MF JDS3130MF JDS3230MF JDS3230MF JDS4240MF JDS4240MF THERMA DAV55-4.1 DF55.1 DF55.2WS/SW DF60.1 DF60.2W VOSS VEM4920-AL VHM622-0 VHM622-1 WHIRLPOOL AKB062 AKB067 AKB089 AKG755 AKG756 AKG759 AKG770 AKG777 AKG781 AKG782 AKG969 AKG970 AKG990 AKG991 AKG992 AKG993 AKR620 AKR675 AKR975 DE3360
  • Type: Elica Model 150 Sizes: 435mm x 216mm x 28mm Colour: black , Material: carbon
  • Please note that this is not a genuine product, the models and brands have been used only for reference purposes!
  • Feel FREE to check our store inventory, we have a wide selection of products that can be ideal for your business or exactly what you need at home

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