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DeLonghi grounds container ECAM

DeLonghi grounds container ECAM

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  • DeLonghi set container ECAM (5313213561).
  • Compatible only with the following models:
  • ECAM 21.210.b Intensa ECAM 21.2 Intensa 10.w ECAM 22.110.SB, ECAM22.110.SB 127 V. ECAM22.110.SB 220 V. ECAM22110SB ECAM22110SBH.
  • ECAM23.120.SB ECAM23.210.B ECAM23.210.B 127V 60HZ ECAM23.210.B 220V 50/60HZ ECAM23.210.B Intensa ECAM23.210.SR ECAM23.210.SR ECAM23.210.W Intensa ECAM23.240.B ECAM23.420.SB Intensa ECAM23.420.SBL Intensa ECAM23.420.SR ECAM23.420.SR Intensa ECAM23.420.ST ECAM23.420.SW Intensa ECAM23.427.B ECAM23.427.R ECAM23.440.SB ECAm23.450.S 127V. ECAM23.450.S 220 V. ECAM23.450.S EX: 3 ECAM23.450.S Intensa ECAM23210B Intensa ECAM23210B Intensa ECAM23210SB Intensa ECAM23450 SL ECAM23450S.
  • ECAM25.120.SB ECAM25.452.S.

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