Dry Cleaners Secret 6 Sheets The Original Dry Clean At Home

Dry Cleaners Secret 6 Sheets The Original Dry Clean At Home

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Fast, convenient dry cleaning at home

If your favourite frock or special-occasion suit is in need of a spot-clean or freshen up rather than a proper deep clean, these oh-so convenient little cloths are perfect for getting ‘dry clean only’ items ready to wear. A fantastic quick-fix solution, they help remove stains, reduce wrinkles and refresh special-care fabrics in just 20 minutes.

Easy to use

To refresh up to five pieces of clothing at once, simply take one of the cloths in the pack, gently blot any stains until they’re removed, then pop the cloth into your tumble dryer with one to five garments. Tumble dry on a medium heat for 20 minutes, remove immediately, and your clothes will be dry-clean fresh and ready to wear.

Removes stains, odours and wrinkles

As well as acting to remove stains, these cloths have a fresh floral scent that will refresh your clothes if they’re a bit musty or smoky, and they also help to release any wrinkles for a crease-free finish.

Gentle on clothes

Containing no harsh chemicals, Dry Cleaner’s Secret works its magic with no shrinking, stretching or fading, making it a great way to take care of your clothes and keep them looking newer for longer. Perfect for all kinds of dry clean only dresses, suits and accessories, they’re also ideal for special-care shirts and lingerie, and for difficult-to-clean soft furnishings like curtains too.

Suitable for use with most fabrics

They’re ideal for synthetics like rayon, nylon, polyester and acetate; and for natural fibres such as silk, cotton, linen, cashmere and wool.

Please note: not suitable for steam tumble dryers. Do not use on fur, leather, suede, velvet or flame-resistant fabrics like children’s pyjamas.

6 cloths – each approx. 26cm Sq.

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