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Fan Oven Element 2000W For Hotpoint 60HEP BD32K MK2 BD52P Cookers

Fan Oven Element 2000W For Hotpoint 60HEP BD32K MK2 BD52P Cookers

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  • Premium quality Find A Spare round element
  • To fit the following brands and model:Hotpoint 60HEP BD32K MK2 BD52P MK2 BS53X 61DCW BD32K/2 BD52P/2 BS53X/1 61DCW(T) BD32P MK2 BD62SS MK2 BU72B MK2 62DCW BD32P/2 BD62SS/2 BU72B/2 AHP37X BD42SS MK2 BS43B BU72K MK2 AHP37X/1 BD42SS/2 BS43B/1 BU72K/2 ARC60W BD52B MK2 BS43K BU72P MK2 ARC60X BD52B/2 BS43K/1 BU72P/2 BD32B MK2 BD52K MK2 BS43W BU82SS MK2 BD32B/2 BD52K/2 BS43W/1 BU82SS/2 C367EIH CH60EKS DH93K DY46W MK2 C367EKH CH60EKW DH93X DY46W/2 C367EKH(T) DE47X DHS53CX DY46X MK2 C367EWH DE47X/2 DHS53X DY46X MK2(T) C367EWH(T) DH53B DQ47I/2 DY46X/2 C367EXH DH53CK DQ47IMK2 EG74G C368EWH DH53K DSC60S EG74P CH60DHKF DH53W DSD60S EG74X CH60DHSF DH53X DY46K MK2 EW12C CH60DHWF DH93CX DY46K/2 EW12P EW74G HAE60X KD6E35W SHS33CX EW74G(T) HUD61G KD6G35M SHS33X EW74K HUD61K KD6G35X SHS33XK EW74K(T) HUD61P SC36EB SY36B EW74P HUD61X SC36EK SY36B/1 EW74P(T) HUE61G SC36EW SY36K EW74X HUE61K SC36EX SY36K/1 EW74X(T) HUE61P SH33K SY36W HAE60K HUE61X SH33W SY36W/1 HAE60P HUE63P SH33X SY36X SY36X/1 UE47X UHS53X UY46W MK2 SY37W UE47X/2 UQ47I MK2 UY46X MK2(T) SY37W/1 UH53B UQ47I/2 UY46X/2 SY37X UH53K UY46K MK2 UY46XMK2 SY37X/1 UH53W
  • This version is the 4 tag version 2 Turns 2000 watts Height: 225 (mm) Width 193 mm Bracket: 70 mm Tags: 24 mm
  • Please note that this is not a genuine product, the models and brands have been used only for reference purposes!

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