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Condensation Drain Hose 2M For Bosch WTB84200IL/01 Tumble Dryer

Condensation Drain Hose 2M For Bosch WTB84200IL/01 Tumble Dryer

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  • Find A Spare Tumble Dryer Condensation Drain Hose For Bosch.
  • Drain hose for condenser tumble dryers
  • Drains water from condenser dryer directly to sink, U-bend, or drain
  • Dimensions: Length: 2 m, Diameter: 13 mm
  • Suitable for the following models Bosch WTB84200IL/01, WTB84202FG/01, WTB84260EE/01, WTB84280FF/01, WTB86200IL/01, WTB86201IN/01, WTB86201UC/01, WTB86210BY/01, WTB86211OE/01, WTB86282FG/01, WTB86282NL/01, WTB862D5NL/01, WTB86500FF/01, WTC82100US/02, WTC82100US/09, WTC84100AU/05, WTC84100AU/07, WTC84101AU/09, WTE5820EU/01, WTE5820EU/02, WTE5820EU/04, WTE5820EU/08, WTE6920EU/01
  • Neff R4380X0EU/02, R4380X0EU/04, R4380X0EU/08, R4381X1EU/01, R4381X1EU/04, R4381X1GB/01, R4381X1GB/04, R7380X0EU/05, R7380X0EU/08, R7380X0EU/12, R7380X0EU/13, R7380X0EU/16, R7380X0EU/17, R7380X0EU/24, R7380X0EU/27, R7380X1EU/24, R7380X1EU/30, R7380X1EU/35
  • Siemens WT44B200FF/01, WT44B200IL/01, WT44B201NL/01, WT44B500FF/01, WT44E100/01, WT44E100/02, WT44E100/03, WT44E100/04, WT44E100/05, WT44E100/07, WT44E100/08, WT44E100/12, WT44E100/15, WT44E100CH/02, WT44E100CH/03, WT44E100EE/01, WT44E100EE/02, WT44E100EE/03, WT44E100FG/01, WT44E100FG/02, WT44E100FG/03, WT44E100FG/05, WT44E100ME/08, WT44E100ME/15, WT44E100ME/17, WT44E100NL/01, WT44E100NL/02, WT44E100NL/03, WT44E100NL/05, WT44E100NL/07, WT44E100NL/08, WT44E100NL/15
  • This product is manufactured and designed to be compatible or used with appliances, or for selected commercial/domestic applications.
  • Please note, This is a high-quality compatible product, this part is a non-genuine compatible spare part and the manufacturers' names and part numbers have been used for reference purposes only.
  • ❗❗Legal Disclaimer❗❗
    This product is not manufactured by Bosch, but it is designed to be compatible with Bosch machines. The Bosch name, model names, and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.

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