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Drum Shaft Kit For Hotpoint VTD00G VTD00P VTD00T VTD20G VTD20T Tumble Dryers

Drum Shaft Kit For Hotpoint VTD00G VTD00P VTD00T VTD20G VTD20T Tumble Dryers

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  • Find A Spare Premium quality Drum Shaft Kit for your tumble dryer.
  • 3x Torx Screws 1x Teardrop Rear Bearing 1x Drum Shaft Support 1x Drive Pin 1x Square Rear Bearing 1x Leaflet 4x front bearing pads 
  • Alternative Part Number C00113038 For Reference Purposes Only.
  • Suitable for the following models: Hotpoint - VTD00G, VTD00P, VTD00T, VTD20G, VTD20P, VTD20T, VTD60G, VTD60P, VTD60T, VTD65A, AAQCF81UEE, 72009 (AAQCF81UFR), AAQCF81UIT, AAQCF81UUK, AAQCF81UWE, AQC94F5TZ1IT, AQC9BF5EZ1UK, AQC9BF5TZ1FR, 61513 (AQCF851BUEU), 61408 (AQCF851BUFR), AQCF851BUIT, AQCF852BIEU, AQCF852BIUK, AQCF852BUEU, AQCF852BUSK, AQCF852BUUK, 69940 (AQCF951BSFR), 68709 (AQCF951BUEU), F068707 (AQCF951BUFR), AQCF951BUIT, AQCF952BIUK, AQCF952BSUK, AQCF952BUUK, CTD00G, CTD00P, CTD80G, CTD80P, CTD80T, CTD85A, TCD751EU-HA, TCD8336PZ1SK, TCD83B6HZEU, TCD83B6KZEU, TCD83B6PZSK, TCD851AXEU, TCD851BEU, TCD851BSK, 54559 (TCD851XBFR), TCD851XBITHA, TCD851XBKEU, TCD93B6HZ1EU, TCD970A, TCD970G, TCD970K, TCD970P, TCD975P, TCD980A, TCD980G, TCD980K, TCD980P, TCD985BP, 67776 (TCDG51BSK), 67649 (TCDG51EU), 67654 (TCDG51XBEU), 95676374400 (TCDG51XBFR), 67568 (TCDG51XBIT), TCDG51XBKEU, TCL731EU-HA, TCL731IT-HA, TCL731SK, TCL731XBITHA, TCL731XFR, TCL73B6PZIT, TCL770G, TCL770P, TCL780G, TCL780P, TCL785BP, TCL831BEU, TCL831BTK, TCL831XBFR, TCL83B6PZEU, TCL83BPZ1FR, TCL93B6HZ1FR, TCLG31BEU, TCLG31EU


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