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Heating Element 1800W 2 Turn For Howdens Cuisinemaster Country Leisure

Heating Element 1800W 2 Turn For Howdens Cuisinemaster Country Leisure

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  • Pack of 1 Circular Heating Element 1800Wfrom Find A Spare, a premium replacement for your Fan Assisted Oven Cookers
  • To fit the following brands and models: Howdens HAP5002, HAP5003, HJA5093, HJA5110, LAM5100 Cuisinemaster RCM10FRKP, RCM10FRSP, RCM10FRXP Country 100DF, 100EAN, 100ESI, 924AN, 924CH, 924GR, 924SI, 924WH
  • And models: Cookmaster CM10FRC, CM10FRCP, CM10FRKP Cascade CA10FRS Stoves EC500DOA, EC500DOA BLK, EC500DOA SV, EC500DOA WH, EC500DOABL, EC500DOABLK, EC500DOASI, New World 208532098, 208532099, 208532100, 208532101, 208532102, 208532103, 50ECWLM GRH, 50ECWLM SV, 50ECWLM WH, 50ECWLMGRH, 50ECWLMSV, 50ECWLMWH, 50EWLG, 50EWLG GRH, 50EWLG SV, 50EWLG V, 50EWLG WH, 50EWLGG
  • Also models: Leisure:AAP10FRC, AAP10FRK, ACM10FRC, ACM10FRK, AL6CDW, AL6FDW, AL90F230B, AL90F230C, AL90F230K CS90F320X, CS90F530K, CS90F530X, DC10CRX, DC10FRXP, EB10, EB10CRX, EB10FRX, EB10FRXP, EBS6FX, EBS6MEX, EBS6MX
  • Now Find A Spare introduced this new version for the alternative part: 262900074
  • ❗❗Legal Disclaimer❗❗
    This product is not manufactured by Howdens, but it is designed to be compatible with Howdens machines. The Howdens name, model names, and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer


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