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NTC Temperature Sensing Device For Whirlpool (6ADG6956IXM) Dishwasher

NTC Temperature Sensing Device For Whirlpool (6ADG6956IXM) Dishwasher

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  • ✅ Find A Spare Dishwasher NTC Temperature Sensing Device For Whirlpool.
  • ✅ Suitable for the following models Whirlpool 854295653740 (6ADG6956IXM), 854255453710 (6ADG7554WHM), 854254053721 (6ADP5440WH), 854254053720 (6ADP5540WH), 854254053710 (6ADP5550WH), 854254053711 (6ADP5550WH), 854265653710 (6ADP5656WHM), 854265653711 (6ADP5656WHM), 854296653710 (6ADP5966WHM), 854296653711 (6ADP5966WHM), 854296653740 (6ADP8966IXM), 854290553450 (6ADP9053WH), 854295153310 (6ADP9512WH), 854295153410 (6ADP9513WH), 854296253310 (6ADP9622WHM), 854296253410 (6ADP9623WHM), ADG 100, ADG 5010, ADG 50101, ADG 50102
  • ✅ Diplomat ADP8322, ADP8332, ADP8322, ADP8332, ADP8500, ADP8501, ADP8502
  • ✅ Bauknecht GSFS4449, ADP7740/3WH, ADP7962/3WH, GSF4630WS, GSF4631WS, GSF4640WS, GSF4741TW-WS, GSF4750T-WS, GSF4751WS, GSF4761TW-WS, GSF4770T-WS
  • ✅ Caple DI414, DI440
  • ✅ CDA CW492/1B, CW492/1SS, CW492/1W, CW492B, CW492SS, CW492W, CW494, CW494/1
  • ✅ Ignis ADL347/2, ADL303WH, ADL331WH, ADL334AV, ADL334WH, ADL341WH, ADL347, ADL347/1, ADL347/2, ADL371WH, ADL934/1SAV
  • ✅ Tecnik DW2677, DW2677/1, TKD795, TKD796
  • ✅ Firenzi DW930, DW930/1, DW950
  • ❗❗Legal Disclaimer❗❗
    This product is not manufactured by Whirlpool, but it is designed to be compatible with Whirlpool machines. The Whirlpool name, model names, and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.

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