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Tumble Dryer Hose Connector 4'' inch Diameter & 6m Lenght Universal

Tumble Dryer Hose Connector 4'' inch Diameter & 6m Lenght Universal

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  • Pack of 1 vent hose from Find A Spare, a premium replacement for your tumble dryer machine
  • To fit the following models and brands: BEKO, Hoover , AEG , Bosch , Miele , Siemens , Zanussi , Hotpoint , Creda , LG , Whirlpool , Indesit , Belling , Candy , Electrolux , Daewoo , Neff , New World HOTPOINT 17660 17660/2 17760 9305P 9305PE 9305W 9306A 9324P 9324W 9326W/1 9327A 9327P 9327PE 9327W 9328P 9328W 9329W 9330A 9330P 9330W 9334A 9334P 9334W 9339A 9339P 9339PE 9340A 9340P 9340W 9344A 9344P 9344W 9345A 9345P 9345PE 9345W 9349A 9349P 9349W 9370W 93730 93730/2 93732 93732/2 9375P 9385B 9385P TDL10P TDL11P TDL12P TDL13P TDL14P TDL15P TDL30N TDL30P TDL30S TDL31N TDL31P TDL31S TDL31YS TDL32N TDL32P TDL32S TDL34N TDL34P TDL34S TDL52N TDL52P TDL52S TDL54N TDL54P TDL54S TDL60N TDL60P TDL60S TDL60YS TDL62N TDL62P TDL62S TL11P TL11W TL12P TL14P TL21A TL21P TL21W TL22A TL22P TL22W TL31A TL31P TL31W TL32A TL32P TL32W TL41A TL41P TL41W TL42A TL42P TL42W TL43A TL43P TL43W TL51A TL51P TL51W TL52A TL52P TL52W TL61N TL61P TL61PE TL61X TL62H TL62N TL62P TL62T TL62U TL62X TL63PE TL64PE TL65PE TL71N TL71P TL71S TL71X TL72PE TS11P TS11W TS12A TS12P TS12PE TS12W TS13P TS14P TVM35A TVM55A TVM65A INDESIT CLASSIC2000T G73V G73VU G73VUEX G74EXPAI G74V G74VEX G74VEX60 G74VEXPAI G74VFR G74VNL G74VS G74VSK G84VEX G84VNL IS60V IS60VEX IS60VEXPAI IS60VFR IS60VNL IS60VS IS60VSK IS60VU ISL60V ISL60VEX ISL60VNL ISL60VSK TD1000 TD101 TD105 TD205 TD2591 TD305 TD82 TD85 TD86 TD87 ARISTON A35V(EX)PAI A35VEX A35VEX60 A35VEXAUS A35VEXPAI A36VEX A36VSK ALE60VFR AS60VEX AS60VEX60 AS60VEXPAI AS60VSK AS60VXAUS ASL60VEX D1000 RD2000 RD700 CREDA37281 37281030AL 37481 37482M001Q 37483M001Q 37485 37487E 37489 37494 375410001Q 37541V 37542M001Q 37543M001Q 37544M001Q 37545M001Q 37546M001Q 37548 37549 375570001Q 37565E 37566E 37567E 37591 37592E 37635 37636E 37640 37641 37642 37643 37644 37645E 37646E 37649 37650 37651 37652 37653E 37654G 37655 37656 37657 37658 37660 37670 37740 37742 37743 37745E 37746E 37750 37751 37752 37753E 37760 37761 37762E 37762G 37763X 37766E 37770 37771 37772E
  • Universal design white tumble dryer vent hose 6m length 4inch (102mm) diameter
  • Now Find A Spare introduced this new version for the alternative part C00314770, C00380132, 482253027271, and many others
  • ❗❗Legal Disclaimer❗❗
    This product is not manufactured by BEKO, but it is designed to be compatible with BEKO machines. The BEKO name, model names, and any part numbers have been used for reference purposes only and are in no way associated with the original manufacturer.

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