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Genuine BOSCH Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter 652184

Genuine BOSCH Tumble Dryer Fluff Filter 652184

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  • Genuine replacement fluff filter for your tumble dryer.
  • This can fit tumble dryers sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch WTE84100/01, WTE84100/02, WTE84100/03, WTE84100/04, WTE84100/05, WTE84100/08, WTE84100/12, WTE84100/15, WTE84100AU/02, WTE84100AU/03, WTE84100AU/05, WTE84100AU/08, WTE84100AU/12, WTE84100AU/13, WTE84100AU/15, WTE84100AU/17, WTE84100AU/22, WTE84100BY/01, WTE84100BY/02, WTE84100BY/03, WTE84100BY/05, WTE84100BY/08, WTE84100BY/15, WTE84100BY/17, WTE84100BY/21, WTE84100CH/02, WTE84100CH/03, WTE84100CH/05, WTE84100CH/07, WTE84100CH/08, WTE84100CH/15, WTE84100CH/17, WTE84100EE/01, WTE84100EE/02, WTE84100EE/03, WTE84100FF/01, WTE84100FF/02, WTE84100FF/03, WTE84100FF/05, WTE84100FF/07, WTE84100FF/08, WTE84100FF/12, WTE84100FF/15, WTE84100FG/01, WTE84100FG/02, WTE84100FG/03, WTE84100IT/01, WTE84100IT/02, WTE84100IT/03, WTE84100NL/01, WTE84100NL/02, WTE84100NL/03, WTE84100NL/05, WTE84100NL/07, WTE84100NL/08, WTE84100NL/12, WTE84100NL/15, WTE84100NL/17, WTE84100NL/21, WTE84100NL/22, WTE84100NL/24, WTE84100NL/25, WTE84100NL/27, WTE84100NL/30, WTE84100SK/01, WTE84100SK/02, WTE84100SK/03, WTE84100SK/05, WTE84100SK/07, WTE84100SK/08, WTE84100TR/05, WTE84100TR/08, WTE84100TR/15, WTE84100TR/17, WTE84101FR/03, WTE84101FR/05, WTE84101FR/07, WTE84101FR/08, WTE84101FR/12, WTE84101FR/13, WTE84101FR/15, WTE84101FR/17, WTE84102EE/05, WTE84102EE/08, WTE84102EE/15, WTE84102GB/03, WTE84102GB/05, WTE84102GB/07, WTE84103GB/05, WTE84103GB/08, WTE84103GB/12, WTE84103GB/15, WTE84104GB/16

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