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Genuine STOVES Newhome EFA600H Main or Top Oven DOOR SEAL GASKET

Genuine STOVES Newhome EFA600H Main or Top Oven DOOR SEAL GASKET

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  • Genuine replacement door seal gasket kit for your oven.
  • This can fit ovens sold by different manufacturers and brands.
  • This is a Genuine Product.
  • Take safety precautions when repairing all appliances. Repairs to gas appliances should only be made by a Gas Safe Registered engineer.
  • Suitable for the following appliances: Cda CD703SS, CD703W, CD708BL, CD708SS, CD708W, New World 100DF GR, 100DF SS, 100DF ST, 100G GR, 100G LPG GR, 100G LPG SS, 100G SS, 100G ST, 110DF CA, 110DF GR, 110DF ST, 110G CA, 110G GR, 110G LPG CA, 110G LPG GR, 110G ST, 80DF ST, 80G GR, 80G SG, E60FA ST, E70DOA GR, E70DOA ST, E70DOA WH, E90DOA GR, E90DOA ST, E90DOA WH, G60M ST, G60M WH, G70M ST, G70M WH, G90M ST, G90M WH, GG720 FSD ST, Belling 100DF, 100G, 940 ABG5303 BL, 940 ABG5309 SI, 941 ABG5310 ST, 941 ABG5313 BL, XOU483 ST, XOU594 ST, Diplomat ADP0120, ADP0150, ADP0151, ADP0152, ADP0154, ADP0310, ADP0320, ADP0321, ADP0322, ADP0323, ADP0530, ADP0532, ADP0534, ADP0540, ADP0542, ADP0543, ADP0544, ADP3120, ADP3200, ADP4173, ADP4200, ADP4230, ADP4540, AGP0153, C60G, C90G, Eurolec 720EL ST, Cuisina EF70SS, EF70W, EF90BLK, EF90SS, EF90W, G60SS, G60W, G70SS, G90SS, G90W, Creda SO11GB BR, SO11GW WH, Stoves 600DCA BL, 600DCA CH, 600DCA GR, 600DCA WH, 600EF ST, 600EF WH, 600EMA CH, 600EMA GR, 600EMA ST, 600EMA WH, 600G ST, 600G WH, 600GR BL, 600GR ST, 600GR WH, 600GRA BL, 600GRA ST, 600GRA WH, 605MF ST, 605MF WH, 607MF BL, 607MF ST, 607MF WH, 707MF BL, 707MF ST, 707MF WH, 720DCA BL, 720DCA CH, 720DCA GR, 720DCA ST, 720DCA WH, 720EF ST, 720EF WH, 720EMA BL, 720EMA CH, 720EMA GR, 720EMA ST, 720EMA WH, 720GDO ST, 720GDO WH, 720GR BL, 720GR ST, 720GR WH, 720GRA BL, 720GRA ST, 720GRA WH, 900DCA BL, 900DCA CH, 900DCA GR, 900DCA ST, 900DCA WH, 900EF ST, 900EF WH, 900EMA BL, 900EMA CH, 900EMA ST, 900EMA WH, 900GDO ST, 900GDO WH, 900GR BL, 900GR ST, 900GR WH, 905MF ST, 905MF WH, 907MF BL, 907MF ST, 907MF WH, EF600A BL, EF600A ST, EF600A WH, EFA600H ST, EFA600H WH, EFA700H ST, EFA900H ST, EL616 MK11 AN, EL616 MK11 BR, EL616 MK11 ST, EL616 MK11 WH, EL716 MK11 AN, EL716 MK11 BR, EL716 MK11 ST, EL716 MK11 WH, EL916 MK11 AN, EL916 MK11 BR, EL916 MK11 ST, EL916 MK11 WH, GL616 MK11 AN, GL616 MK11 BR, GL616 MK11 ST, GL616 MK11 WH, GL716 MK11 AN, GL716 MK11 BR, GL716 MK11 ST, GL716 MK11 WH, GL916 MK11 AN, GL916 MK11 ST, GL916 MK11 WH, Hotpoint SY21K BL, SY21W WH, Hygena AHY0141, AHY0142, AHY0341, AHY0342, AHY0531, AHY0532

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