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Henry Hoover Numatic 32mm Dusting Tool Brush Attachment for 601144 by FindASpare

Henry Hoover Numatic 32mm Dusting Tool Brush Attachment for 601144 by FindASpare

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  • ✅Replacement 32mm dusting brush tool for your Numatic Henry Hetty Edward Commercial vacuum cleaner
  • ✅To fit: NUMATIC AV250 AVQ250 AVQ380 Basil BASIL NB200 Bertie PSP200A Charles CVC370 CRQ370 CT370 CT470 CVC370-2 David David JVR225 Edward EDWARD EVR370 George GVE370 Harry HHR200 HEB160-2 BATTERY Henry Henry Allergy HVA160 Henry Compact HVR160 Henry Cordless HVB160 Henry HVC200 Henry HVE160 HENRY HVR200 HENRY HVR200-22 Henry HVR200A Henry HVR235-11 Henry HVR240 HENRY MICRO HVR200M Henry Micro HVR200M-22 Henry Plus HENRY PLUS HVR200P Henry Professional HVR240 HENRY TURBO HVR200T Henry Turbo HVR200T-2 Henry Turbocare HENRY TURBOCARE HVR204T Henry Wash HVW370 Henry Xtra HVX160 HENRY XTRA HVX200 Henry Xtra HVX200A HET160 HET200 HET200-22 HET200A Hetty Compact HET160 Hetty
  • ✅HET200 HETTY HET200-22 Hetty HET200A HHR200 HHR200A HV200 HVB160 HVC200 HVR160 HVR200 HVR200-22 HVR200A HVR200M HVR200M-22 HVR200P HVR200T HVR200T-2 HVR200T-22 HVR204 HVR204P HVR204T HVR240 HVX200 HVX200-22 HZ200 HZ250 HZQ200 HZQ200-2 HZQ250 HZQ250-2 Jack PSP200-11 James James JVC200 JAMES JVP180 James JVP180A John Lewis JL150 JVC225 JVH180 JVP180 JVP180A JVR225 MFQ300 MFQ370 MFQ370-22 NB200 NBV190 NNV200 NNV204 NPT220A NQ250S NQS200 NQS200T NQS250 NQS250-22 NQS250B NQS250B-22 NQS350B NQS350B-22 (2 Core Mains Lead) NQS350B-22 (3 Core Mains Lead) NRP240 NRV200 NRV200-22 NRV200T NRV200T-2 NRV200T-22 NRV204 NRV370
  • ✅NRV370-22 NRV380 NRV380-22 NSP 180A NSP 200A NSR 200A NST 220A Nuvac Nuvac VNP180-11 Nuvac VNR200-2 NV200 NV225 NV250 NVH180 NVH200 NVH200-2 NVP180 NVP180-2 NVP200 NVP200-2 NVP200-22 NVP200T NVP370 NVP370-2 NVQ200 NVQ200-22 NVQ200T NVQ202 NVQ204 NVQ250 NVQ250B NVQ250T NVQ252 NVQ254 NVQ370 NVQ370-22 NVQ370T NVQ370T-2 NVQ380 NVQ380-22 (2 Core Mains Lead) NVQ380B-22 (2 Core Mains Lead) NVQ380B-22 (3 Core Mains Lead) NVR200 NVR225 NVR260 PPH320A PPR200A PPR240 PPR370 PPR370A PPT220A PPT390A PSP 200A PSP180 PSP180A PSP240 PSP370 PSP370A PVR 200A PVR 370A PVT 220A PVT 390A RSAV130 RSAV-200 RSV130 RSV130M RSV130P RSV130T RSV134 RSV200
  • ✅RSV200P RSV200T RSV204 RSV204P Rucksack SE250 universal 32mm VNP180 VNR200 Wendy NV250 WVD570 xv370 EVR370 HVX200A

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