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Magimix MAGIMIXBRITA Brita Memo Display & Battery, Plastic

Magimix MAGIMIXBRITA Brita Memo Display & Battery, Plastic

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  • MAGIMIX Brita Filter Gauge Replacement
  • Prior to ordering, please check the list of appliances to ensure this is the correct part for your model
  • World's first electronic cartridge exchange indicator
  • BRITA Memo Filter Change Indicator Gauge
  • The world's first electronic cartridge exchange indicator. Simply press the 'START' button until the indicator shows 100%
  • Suitable for the following appliances: Bosch TAS5542GB/01, TAS5542GB/02, TAS5542GB/03, TAS5542GB/04, TAS5542GB/05, TAS6515GB/01, TAS6515GB/03, TAS6515GB/05, TAS6515GB/07, TAS6515GB/09, TAS6515GB/11, TAS6515GB/13, TAS6515GB/15, TAS8520GB/05, TAS8520GB/07, TAS8520GB/09, TAS8520GB/11, TAS8520GB/13 ; GC20B8C3EV, GC2224GEKW, GS20A8D3, GS20B4D3EV, GS2123SDFW10, GS2123SDFW13, ERB40405X, MTRS225NGW, MTRS225WGB2, MTRS225WGW0, MTRS225WGW2, MTRS265WG1B, MTRS265WG1W, MTRS265WGW0, MTRS265WGW3, S65628SK, S75628SK0, S75628SK2, S75628SK4, S75628SK5, GC2227HEK9, GC2228GEH31, GS2125CEEWE16, RC17A, RC21C, RC21G, RC21H, RC27, RC35A, RC36A, RC37A, RC38A, RC38C, RC38G, RC38H, RC39C, RC39G, 228DIRS, 228FIR, 228FIRS, 628FIR, AC22GBALTINT, AC22GBCLBINT, AC22GBCLXINT, AC22GBHBS, AC22GBMXMSINV, AC22GBPROINT, AC22GBTKSINT, AC22GW, AC22HBALTINT, AC22HBBCLINV, AC22HBCLXINT, AC22HBHBS, AC22HBMXMSINT, AC22HBPROINT, AC22HBTKSINT, AC22HW, AC22PBPROINT, AS26HBALTINT, AS26HBCLBINV, AS26HBCLXINV, AS26HBHBS, AS26HBMXMSINT, AS26HBPROINT, AS26HBTKSINT, GC2225GEK5, SBDT520KW, SBDT520MW, SBDT520SW, SRD522, SSD522SBW, SSD522SW, SXD520SW, SXD522VE, XR55287BB, XRSS264BB, XRSS267BB, XRSS665B700CNV, MSZ701NF, MSZ701NFHB, MSZ701NFHBT, MSZ701NFT, MSZ702NF, MSZ702NFHB, MSZ702NFHBT, MSZ702NFT, MSZ801D, MSZ801DHA, MSZ801HA, MSZ802D, MSZ802DF, MSZ803HA, MSZ822DFHA, MSZ826DFHA, ENL6098W, ANA34305S, ANA34505W, ANB35405S, ANB35405W, ANB35405W8, ANB35405X, ANB39405X, AR6780SX, ARA36405W, ARA36405X, ARA36805X, ARA39295W, ARA39295X, ARA39395W, ARB36305W, ART2171, 3FA7786A, KGN7000, KGN7000WS, KGN701001, KGN7010WS, KGN7050, KGN70500, KSDN5060ASW, KSDN5061A, KSDN5061A1, KSDN5061A1SW, KSDN595OPSW, KSN410OPIN, KSN410OPWS, KSN5051A, KSN5051A1, KSN5051A1W, KSN545BIOOPIN, KSN550BIOAIN, KSN575BIOOPIN, KSN575OPIN, KSN6500AIN, KSN7070A, KSN7070AIN, KSN7650AWS, KSN7970A, REFLEX, TITAN2, AP930S, AP930X, GNE25814S, GNE25814W, GNE35714S, GNE35714W, GNE35720P, GNE35720X, GNE45720P, GNE45720S, GNE45720W, GNE45720X, SRS2229CVW, B22CS30SNI01, B22CS30SNS01, KAD62P9002, KAD62P9003, KAD62P9090, KAN56V1001, KAN56V1002, KAN56V1003, KAN56V1004, KAN56V1005, KAN56V1006, KAN56V1007, KAN56V1008, KAN56V10NE01, KAN56V10NE02, KAN56V10NE03, KAN56V10NE04, KAN56V10TI01, KAN56V10TI02, KAN56V10TI03, KAN56V10TI04, KAN56V10TI05, KAN56V10TI06, KAN56V10TI07, KAN56V10TI08, KAN56V4001, KAN56V4002, KAN56V4003, KAN56V4004, KAN56V4005, KAN56V4006, KAN56V4007, KAN58A1001, KAN58A1002, KAN58A1003, KAN58A1004, KAN58A1005, KAN58A1006, KAN58A1007, KAN58A1008, KAN58A1009, KAN58A1010, KAN58A10GB01, KAN58A4001, KAN58A4002, KAN58A4003, KAN58A4004, KAN58A4005, KAN58A4006, KAN58A4007, KAN58A4008, KAN58A4009, KAN58A4010, KAN58A40AU01, KAN58A40AU02, KAN58A40AU03, KAN58A40AU04, KAN58A40AU05, KAN58A40AU06, KAN58A40AU07, KAN58A40AU08, KAN58A40GB01, KAN58A40GB02, KAN58A40GB03, KAN58A40GB04, KAN58A40GB05, KAN58A40GB08, KAN58A40GB09, KAN58A40GB10, KAN58A40J01, KAN58A40J02, KAN58A40J03, KAN58A4501, KAN58A45RU01, KAN58A50, KAN58A5001, KAN58A5002, KAN58A5003, KAN58A5004, KAN58A5005, KAN58A5006, KAN58A5008, KAN58A5009, KAN58A5010, KAN58A50GB01, KAN58A50GB02, KAN58A50GB06, KAN58A50GB07, KAN58A50GB08, KAN58A50GB09, KAN58A50GB10, KAN58A50NE01, KAN58A50NE02, KAN58A50NE03, KAN58A50NE04, KAN58A50NE05, KAN58A50NE06, KAN58A50TI01, KAN58A50TI02, KAN58A5501, KAN58A55GB01, KAN58A55RU01

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