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Pack Of 2 Half Grill Elements 1330W For Belling 130W BU 130W CA Cookers Ovens

Pack Of 2 Half Grill Elements 1330W For Belling 130W BU 130W CA Cookers Ovens

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  • Find A Spare Pack of 2 Premium quality grill elements for your cooker.
  • Also Known As Top Element, Upper Element
  • 1330 watts, Length 320 mm, Width 170 mm, Bracket : 65 mm, Tags: 40 mm
  • Alternative Part Number 082605118 For Reference Purposes Only.
  • Suitable for the following models : Belling, 130W BU**, 130W CA**, 130W CH**, 130W GR**, 130W ST**, 132W BU**, 132W CA**, 132W CH**, 132W GR**, 132W ST**, 135 CA**, 135 CH**, 135 GR**, 150 CA**, 150 CH**, 150 GR**, 150 ST**, 152 CA**, 152 GR**, 152 ST**, 215 GR**, 215 SA**, 215 WH**, 216 CH**, 216 SA**, 426 WH**, 612 BL**, 612 WH**, 613 WH**, 623 BL**, 623 GR**, 623 IV**, 623 WH**, 627H BL**, 627H BU**, 627H GR**, 627H WH**, 629 SS**, 630 AL**, 630 SS**, 637 BL**, 637 BU**, 637 SI**, 637 WH**, 644 BL**, 644 GR**, 644 SI**, 644 WH**, 645 CR**, 646H SI**, 646H WH**, 647 AL**, 647 ST**, 648HM BL**, 648HM BU**, 648HM SI**, 648HM WH**, 652 BL**, 652 SI**, 652 WH**, 653H BL**, 653H WH**, 657H ST**, XOU481 BR**, XOU481 GR**, XOU481 WH**, XOU482 BL**, XOU482 SI**, XOU482 WH**, XOU482SS ST**, XOU492 BL**, XOU492 BU**, XOU492 GR**, XOU492 SI**, XOU492 ST**, XOU492 WH**, XOU493 AL**, XOU592 BL**, XOU592 BU**, XOU592 GR**, XOU592 SI**, XOU592 ST**, XOU592 WH**, XOU593 AL
  • Please note that this is not a genuine product, the models and brands have been used only for reference purpose!

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