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Roller Movers With Wheels Trolley Extension 40cm-63cm For Beko Indesit Bosch Fridge Freezer

Roller Movers With Wheels Trolley Extension 40cm-63cm For Beko Indesit Bosch Fridge Freezer

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  • Premium quality Find A Spare Roller Movers Extension 40cm-63cm!
  • 160 kg Capacity
  • To fit the following models and brands: Beko Ariston Russell Hobbs Samsung Hotpoint Indesit Bosch Electrolux CDA543FW/2, CDA543FX, CDA554S, CDA554S-1, CDA554W, CDA554W-1, CDA563FS, CDA563FS/1, CDA563FW, CDA563FW/1, CDA565FW, CDA644S, CDA644W, CDA645FS, CDA645FS/1, CDA645FW, CDA645FW/1 CDA646S, CDA646W, CDA647FS/1, CDA647FW/1, CDA647S, CDA647W, CDA648FS/1, CDA648FW, CDA648FW/1, CDA648S, CDA650S, CDA650W, CDA650X, CDA653FB, CDA653FB/1, CDA653FS, CDA653FS/1, CDA653FW, CDA653FW/1, CDA653FX, CDA653FX/1, CDA658FS, CDA658FW, CDA659FS, CDA659FS/1, CGA961W, CGA963NS, CGA963S, CGA963W, CGA966S, CGA966SD, CGA966W, CGA971S, CGA971W, CGA9756FFS, CGA9756FFW, CGA976S, CGA976W, CGA9856FFS, CGA9856FFW, CGA9956FFS, CGA9956FFW, CN260, CN264W, CS460FF, CS460FFS, CS460FFSD, CS461FFS, CS461FFW, CSA4706FFX, CSA576S, CSA576W, CSB4606FFS, CSB4606FFSD, CSB4606FFW, CSB4616FFS, CSB4616FFW, FG940, FG941NS, FG944, FG944S, FG944SD, FG950, FGA943, FGA953, FGA956W, FN240, FN241NS, FN244, FN244S, FN244SD, FSA706, FSA716S, FSA716W, L51, L52, LA120S, LA120W, LA620S, LA620W, LA85S, LA85W, LA87S, LA87W, LG920, LGA926S, LGA926W, LN220, LN221, LS420, LS420S, LS420SD, LS421NS, LSA423S, LSA423SD, LSA423W, LSA426, LSA426S, LSA426SD, NC761, RA110S, RA110W, RA610S, RA610W, RA80S, RA80W, RAP614W, RGA916S, Belling BE817, BIFF217, BIFF233, Lec TF2304W, Beko BC50F, BL20, CA5410S, CA5410W, CA5411FFS, CA5411FFS-2, CA5411FFW, CA5411FFW/1, CA5411FFW-2, CA5411FFX, CA6017S, CA6017W, CA7014FFX, CA7015FF
  • Please note that this is not a genuine product, the models and brands have been used only for reference purpose!

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