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Tefal X9010101 Sealing Ring 8/7/6/4L

Tefal X9010101 Sealing Ring 8/7/6/4L

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  • Original manufacturer’s part. Reference X9010101. -
  • Please ensure that you read the product description in order to verify that your appliance is compatible with this product.
  • Compatible models: P2500700/89A - P2500700/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2500800/89A - P2500800/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2504400/89A - P2504400/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2530731/89A - P2530731/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2530733/89A - P2530733/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2530738/89A - P2530738/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2534431/89A - P2534431/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2534438/89A - P2534438/89A (TEFAL) (TEFAL), P2544331/89A - P2544331/89A.
  • Product Type: Cooking parts for small household appliances. Category: Product name: Seal 4-6-7-8 litres diameter 220 mm.

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